Nomadic Picnic

Submitted by jr on Thu, 01/21/2010 - 01:00

A collective walk through Bratislava via places which are slightly off the beaten track, but bearing many features characteristic for contemporary Bratislava. The idea was to give people an opportunity to reflect about the changes their city is undergoing in an informal setting - walking, sharing food and thoughts.

To collect people's individual experiences during our walk, we asked the participants to draw maps mirroring their own perceptions and emotions along the way. Additionally we put stickers in the streets we were about to walk, which contained questions and statements about the city likely to to stimulate thoughts. Concluding our 'nomadic picnic' by squatting an abandoned swimming pool for the rest of this balmy summer evening, for many participants enabled a sense for the 'right to the city' within a currently investor dominated cityscape.


Project team
Barbara Borikova, Jana Surkalova, Jozef Charfaoui, Jürgen Rendl

Photo credits
Jozef Charfaoui, Jürgen Rendl