Submitted by jr on Sat, 11/27/2010 - 01:00

Stadlnova is a fictive suburb, located somewhere between Vienna and Bratislava. It provides the conceptual frame for a temporary artistic research platform, where certain features and characteristics of two cities would be confronted. Regardless of aking myths of economic growth and regional developement, we would like to invite people to ask "what if?" to locally available human and spatial potentials. By that, Stadlnova could raise even more questions, but also open new perspectives on collaboration, (sub-)urban space and the everyday in and between Vienna and Bratislava. At a later stage all that will be published in an 'Un-guidebook to Stadlnova'. And now: music!

The first phase of our project was comprised of two interdisciplinary workshops, having taken place right in Devinska Nova Ves (Bratislava) and Stadlau (Vienna) in early summer 2011. Therefore we invited a bunch of people from Vienna and Bratislava, who defined the parameters of Stadlnova, and started collaborating on new ideas and questions emerging from it.

Check our project website for updates and to find out more!

'Stadlnova' is a joint project of 'Mobile Initiative Kultur' and urbanflow, supported by