Allah Bul Kheer

Submitted by jr on Mon, 01/25/2010 - 01:00

'Allah bul kheer' is a greeting popular among Iraqi people, wishing peace and wealth. Nowadays it can also be heard frequently in certain Damascene neighborhoods like Jaramanah.

Throughout history Damascus has been a stopover on trading roads. Since 2003 the city has become a temporary haven for many displaced people (refugees) coming from Iraq. Most of them do not have an opportunity to make a living in Damascus. Neither it is safe enough for them to return back to Iraq in the near future. Hence these people hope to get accepted by countries like the USA, Canada, Sweden or Australia.

'Allah bul kheer' is a sound mapping project, attempting to juxtapose the two elements dominating the soundscape in the streets of the Damascene suburb Jaramanah: Displaced people from Iraq, who in most cases are doomed to wait, be it along the streets or inside their makeshift cafes, and the omnipresent Syrian street vendors, constantly roaming around in the narrow lanes.

Allah Bul Kheer has been realised by Jürgen Rendl as part of the international art research project Reloading Images Damascus.

You can find the sound map on radio aporee.

Damascus, Syria
10-2008 till 11-2008