Submitted by jr on Fri, 01/22/2010 - 06:11

Motivated by the fruitful experience with our 'nomadic picnic', we developed a collective sound mapping project with the aim to collect and share stories and places, which were appropriated by people and their practices, experiences and emotions. Placetellers was meant to elaborate on the very relationships people are maintaining to certain places in a city, which is currently undergoing rapid and massive changes, that are mostly lacking a democratic base.

As a first step we asked visitors of the network culture festival 'Multiplace 2008' in Bratislava about their appropriated places and stories, which we then used as the base for the itinerary of our 'Placetellers Walk' on the last day of the festival. During this walk we invited people to share their stories about certain places, which we recorded and uploaded to a website. We ended our 'Placetellers Walk' with a picinic and discussion at Bratislavas danube bank, close to the former site of an alternative theater and concert venue, where now a vast luxury city development project is arising...

Placetellers was realized as part of the network culture Festival Multiplace 2008.

We have added some places and stories to a sound map on radio aporee.

28-04 till 03-05-2008

Project team
Barbara Borikova, Jana Surkalova, Jozef Charfaoui, Jürgen Rendl

Photo credits
Agata Marcez, Jana Surkalova